Did B. Simone Strike A Nerve?

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

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B. Simone really upset a lot of WOMEN!!!

There has been a good amount of backlash to B. Simone's statement regarding women who are placing these unrealistic expectations on men when we are not ourselves where we should be, even to be making such demands.

When did this unrestrained, entitled persona become today's women? I don't think it's cute or flattering in the least to be irrational or illogical when it comes to men. Are you what you seek?

Imagine looking for a rich well put together man, then BOOM; he's looking for the same thing.

Well, at least someone without a ready-made family, and has couth.

Are we really unrealistic in our thought process? Social media has played a big part in the influence of so many people's habits. We live in a time where everything needs to be instantaneous, perfect, my way or no way. If true love and/or genuine companionship are what we seek, you would think self-evaluation would be the starting point.

B. Simone was attacked ferociously for telling the TRUTH! So much to the point that a group of unknown women created a clubhouse room called "B. Simone Can Go To Hell, Disrespectfully."

It was said that these women tore B. Simone down so badly that a slew of other women saw fit to jump to her defense immediately! I'm confused; what did she say that was so bad?

I agree wholeheartedly with her words; However, some women countered her statement by bringing up her past. Why is it that when someone in our culture sees the light, changes course, and begins to stand in their rightful selves, we feel the need to tear them down or bring up old shit? As if there's no validity in our growth. It doesn't matter the vessel or delivery. Did you get the message? What she said was the TRUTH!

Beyond the multitude of women who are coming back home to their womanhood and feminity. There is still an incredible amount of "Real ass bitch can give a fuck about a "ni**a" women out there.

The ratchet is being called out in droves. The angry woman train is coming to a complete stop, and a lot of women are trying to keep up the ratchet fight as long as they can, and it doesn't seem to be working out too well. It's time to take accountability for our actions and begin our own healing before placing requirements on the next person.

There's nothing wrong with having standards, but some of these expectations are so nonsensical, even the most talented magician couldn't fill them. B. Simone most definitely got the internet talking, and rightfully so. Whenever we as women are forced to take a look at ourselves and do the work. It's a problem.


Owning She Podcast Season 2 - Episode 5

Did B. Simone Strike A Nerve?

I decided to do an impromptu episode about this whole pointless circus. I was so taken aback by the backlash; I said, "Let me get on my microphone because these motherfuckers are tripping." As a woman who has been around a few blocks and seen firsthand what a mess women can be, I was compelled to speak on it.

I see so many outraged women who don't want to hear a thing about their behavior. Yet, expect a man to put up with all of that masculine energy and ATTITUDE whether the man is rich, semi-paid, or broke. All men deserve respect! Now, I'm not talking about BUMS or deadbeats; that's also a choice many women have made and have placed that tag on ALL men. Not only is that unfair, but it also asinine. Why do you think so many of our men are pumped with female energy? It's the emasculation we are hail bent on serving day in and day out. The world kicks our men in the ass every day, so what gives us the right to add to that, then turn around and say MEN are bitches!

Like Erykah Badu once said, "If he's doing something wrong, then we're doing something wrong." And I couldn't agree more with that statement. Fear has landed us in a mess as a culture. The family dynamic is shot. Why? Because everyone is self-serving, impatient, and powered by the hate, social media teaches. It's way past time we get back in our proper bodies and be women. Ladies, you have no idea how far this can take you!

I challenge you all to do the same as B. Simone did, write out a list of what you expect in a man, and then with that same list, write down what that particular man would expect from you. I guarantee that you'll begin to see yourself in a different light. And then BOSS up! Internally.

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