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Out The Mud

After losing his grandmother, Quincy relocates from Chicago to take over her home in Florida. He finds himself in a strange situation being a city guy and not too familiar with the "southern hospitality" Florida has to offer, which leads him to adapt fast! This is not the town he remembers. Quincy finds love in a local woman, and trouble is coming his way. Old grievances between two men will divide a town. With his cousin Terrance at his side, they merge their two completely different worlds, which lands them on a business venture of a lifetime.

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The manifestation and aftermath of trauma have the ability to creep into our thoughts, infect our minds, and alter our lives.

When Mya experiences a traumatic event that results in a fatality, she enters a whirlwind of a psychological nightmare that requires her to live her life with a dark and disorienting secret. Her existence in two different lives, two different eras, and with two different personas, begins to expand until, finally, it explodes.


With unexpected occurrences until the very end, peculiar circumstances, a series of ups and downs, healing, growth, love, perspective shifts, and numerous lessons, this melodramatic novel will elicit diverse emotions and reveal to us the very Source who provides eternal and internal change. We often believe that the battle is physical, but true war rages within.

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I did not only find my interest; I found my calling and my passion. Having a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a bachelor’s in criminal justice, a master’s in psychology, and working on a master’s in clinical mental health counseling, I have developed a deep love for others and a need to advocate for mental wellness.


The formal education did not qualify me for my career in writing. My relationship with God solidified and drew my attention to this path, which was always meant for me. As an author, my hopes are to intangibly touch the world through fiction novels complete with thrills, think pieces, laughs, heartfelt stories, and truth.

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