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Do we truly understand the power of our minds? Do we even care enough to learn more about the potency of our psyche? The mind has the ability to transport us from reality to a completely different realm. It has the potential to push us to make decisions that could catapult our lives to amazing levels or diminish ourselves to the point of no return. We can use our minds or our minds can use us.

The case of Fallon Harris reveals to us the true power of an unkept or ill mind. After agreeing that she needed a psychotherapist with her mother and the day after her initial therapy session, 37-year-old Fallon Harris of Chicago shot and killed her 12-year-old son, Kaden, over a missing digital memory card. You mean, she irrationally took her son’s life that could never be replaced over something that could be replaced a thousand times over? Yes. Was she in her right mind? It appears that there was a great possibility that she was not.

Leading up to this senseless killing, Fallon was not herself. Her Issues were pointed out by her mother, daughter, friends, and even Kaden. Kaden stated to his grandmother, “There’s something wrong with my mom, but I’m going to pray for her.” Fallon even stated to her mother that she just wanted to be herself again. What made others believe that something was just not right? Fallon had lost a bunch of weight due to a lost appetite, she stopped socializing, she was experiencing paranoia, and she obviously had bouts of


When we look deeper, we realize that it is clear that this murder went way beyond discipline. This was much deeper than a physical reprimand for bad actions. Even though I am not a mental health therapist, this was clearly some sort of psychotic episode. According to the DSM-5, key features of a psychotic disorder include delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking or speech, abnormal behavior, and many more. Different psychotic disorders include, but are not limited to, Delusional Disorder, Brief Psychotic Disorder, Schizophrenia, Schizophreniform Disorder.

So what can we do to prevent ourselves from reaching dangerous levels of mental illness? According to the Mayo Clinic, we must pay attention to warning signs and receive help when we notice symptoms, get routine medical care, take care of yourself, and learn yourself and your background so that you will be aware of what may exist in your genetic makeup.

It is important that we not only maintain a good mental health status for ourselves, but also for other people. Kaden trusted his mother to protect him, but her mental health allowed her to take the life of the person that she gave life to.



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