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I've always been a writer. I began writing poetry at the tender age of 8. I'd constantly take notes and give myself gentle reminders of how things and people made me feel, and to this day, I carry those feelings and words. Being an introverted child, growing up in the uncultivated streets of a small northwest Indiana town. I was completely out of my element all the time, but no one ever knew. I had to play the part.


When you come from a place like that, you learn to adapt very quickly. It's a swim or sink type of deal. You literally live your life fighting a pointless fight. After so much of that, I found that the safest place for me was alone, in my head, with my pencil and pad- now microphone. 

Writing and podcasting allow me to use the world as a vast canvas, and I want all of it. All of its beauty, its art, and all of its ugly. Capturing its entire essence, and I have decided to take all of that which I've observed as well as withheld and share it with all of you. 

Service is a major part of what the universe has set forth for me to do. I have a 17-year background in Health Informatics and currently hold seven certifications in various fields that involve servicing others. I practice male/female energy work and extrasensory perception. 


When I am not writing, some of my hobbies include recording my weekly podcast show,

"Owning She" covers universal topics like love, sex, feminity, relationships, and of course, books.

As if writing and podcasting alone weren't enough. I turned up the volume and opened "The Divine Sisters Circle LLC," which is geared towards helping women be their best. We focus on inner work, life skills, behavioral skills, and liberation. (No, I am NOT a feminist.) 

The Divine Sisters Circle, founded in 2020, TDSC's goal is to break through learned behavioral barriers that can keep us from living in our FULLEST quintessence. We teach how to cope with life, support, and service. 

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